ABSS Accounting Software is a powerful and affordable solution for small or medium-sized enterprise (SME).

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Establishing and sustaining trusted partnerships

“Now we can create Invoices, Purchase Orders easily, printing Payment Vouchers and even Cheques straight from ABSS Software. We are thrilled that we can get our daily tasks done so much faster.”

Muhammad Aiman, Director, Logistic Company

“With ABSS Accounting, we are able to get accurate business report in real-time, anywhere. It helps us run our business much better.”

Mr Chong, Business Owner, Computer Repair Shop

“ABSS provides integrated inventory management which not all accounting software does and we are pleased with ABSS’s job function, which allows for the maintenance of separate P&Ls for each of our Shucked outlets. ABSS has the functionality needed and we are very happy with that. I can track the accounts for our 3 separate outlets.”

Josh Green, Director, Southern Rock Seafood


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