From 1 January 2019, ABSS will discontinue technical support for older versions of ABSS/MYOB products.

Customers who are using versions of ABSS/MYOB that are two versions back will no longer be able to access support from ABSS.

While ABSS is dedicated to providing small business owners with the best possible support, it is not feasible to continue to allocate resources for supporting older versions.

ABSS continuously updates their products to keep up with technological advances and changes to statutory and legislative requirements.

For example, Payroll needs to be updated to comply with changes to PCB, EPF, etc, while Accounting and Premier needs to be updated for Sales and Service tax requirements. In line with these updates, ABSS releases new versions.

In terms of technology, as newer versions of Windows are released, products that worked well on Windows XP for instance, may not perform as well on Windows 10.

Support resources for software with all of these dependencies are not cheap, and ABSS has had to balance the total support needs of all of its customers with the ability to provide these resources.

In order to best meet the needs of all customers and keep support affordable, ABSS needs to prioritize resources.

The introduction of this policy is in line with software industry practice.

How to check your product version?

You can view the version of the product you are using when you start the application as shown below:


For product upgrades, please note that if you are using a very old version, you may not be able to directly upgrade. Instead, you may need to purchase a full pack.

If in doubt, please contact us for assistance – Contact us

What if you don’t upgrade?

You can continue to use the version you have, but you may not be able to:

  1. Add company (data) files
  2. Add user licenses
  3. Activate/Confirm company file online
  4. Receive support from ABSS