5L Diaclean Concentrated Disinfectant

5L Diaclean Concentrated Disinfectant


  • JAKIM halal status
  • Medical Device Regulation 2012 by TUV SUD Malaysia
  • ISO13485 for Medical Device


A Halal, Food Grade Peracetic Acid Cleaner, Disinfectant and Sterilant surfaces for Public Places Housing, Schools, Offices and Hospitals.

Diaclean Pera Sterilant is used in numerous applications, including chemical disinfectants in healthcare, sanitizer in the food industry, and disinfectant during water treatment etc.

For house disinfection, mix 5L of the Diaclean Pera Sterilant to 15L of water for best effect. With the use of Ultra Misting, it can be sprayed on surfaces up to 17000 square feet.

Professionals and end-users find Diaclean Pera Sterilant to be versatile and effective, and environmentally friendly as it only decompose into non-toxic acetic acid, oxygen, and water.


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