Improve Your Business Accounting

ABSS is a developer and leading supplier of ABSS branded accounting software and supports Asian SMEs with a wide range of products and services. The leading SME business solutions provider across Asia,

Our service extends to SMEs throughout South Asia, including Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and more than a dozen other countries by providing tools that simplify desktop & cloud accounting management, ePayments, eCommerce, accounts receivable and more.

Benefits Of Using ABSS Accounting Software

By using ABSS (formerly known as MYOB) Accounting software, it will help company/business to change from manual input and calculation to a fully automated software that make accounting simple, easy to use with it full featured accounting software.

We are committed to provide our customer with the latest compliance accounting software to ensure your business stay on track.

Support and Training

With our comprehensive training and support providing to our customer, we are passionate to help SMEs business to grow and maximize result

We have 20 years and counting in our award winning ABSS accounting software in experience and technical knowledge.

ABSS Accounting

Helps process sales and purchases, track receivables, payables and SST, email your quotes and invoices and more

ABSS Premier

Process foreign currency transactions , SST submissions and analyse your business accurately.

ABSS Payroll

ABSS Payroll gives you the power to process even the most complex of payrolls, in just minutes

ABSS RetailManager

ABSS RetailManager provides a range of flexible retail solutions that can be tailored to suit your needs, giving you the facts and support you need to control your business.